WE love CREWS! NXT can seem like a big place. However we believe Crews help high school students get connected with each other & god. every sunday students gather in their crews to talk about their week and the sermon from that morning. Throughout the month there are different events that crews participate in.


CREWs are decided by which High School you attend. We want each student to be able to enjoy their CREW experience, and the best way to do that is by being part of the CREW in which your School is part of. See the school list here!


CREWs-Every Sunday CREWs meet at 9a or 11a at NXT. Service consists of Worship, Sermons, Prayer, and Table Discussion.

CREW Huddles- Once every 6 weeks on Wednesdays, our CREWs meet @ NXT for a fun night put on by our Leaders.

CREW Nights- Once a quarter CREWs have a CREW Night at a Host Home.