Soul (Psalms)

RD Week (June 14-17)

Learning how to communicate with God is essential to growing closer to Him and becoming the person He created you to be. Allow the Psalms to unleash joyful, honest, passionate prayer and worship in your life!

Breath (Genesis)

RD Week (June 14-17)

Drama, scandal, and complicated people make the book of Genesis an epic record of God’s covenant faithfulness and plan to redeem His creation. Strengthen the foundation of your faith and reveal the heart of God as you go back to where it all began!

Jump (Luke)

(Open to incoming Freshmen)

RD Week (June 21-24)

This is the perfect way for our incoming freshmen to get a JUMP-start on their high school experience. Have fun and grow stronger in Christ as you study the book of Luke! All incoming Freshmen will do Jump Track.

Shine (John)

RD Week (July 5-8)

Experience Jesus through the eyes of the man who knew him best! John’s profound first-hand account of the life of Christ will bring you closer to the Truth and encourage you in your walk with God.

Step (James)

RD Week (July 5-8)

Talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words! In this track we take an unashamedly bold look at right Christian living. The book of James will confront, challenge, and call you to a commitment of being a doer and not just a hearer of God’s Word!

Peace (Romans)

(Open only to Juniors and Seniors)

RD Week (July 12-15)

Romans is considered to be the Apostle Paul’s masterpiece and one of the finest works of all time. Be introduced to this revolutionary book that has shaken civilizations!

Speak (Acts)

RD Week (July 19-22)

Explore how the gospel message of Jesus gave birth to a radical community who moved forward in the face of persecution and trial. The Book of Acts shows us what the church looks like when it is empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring renewed hope to all the nations.   

Stand (Philippians)

RD Week (July 19-22)

Philippians is the Apostle Paul’s letter of joy! Paul wrote this letter while in prison; you will be challenged this summer to have joy in the midst of trials and pain, learning to stand strong in the purposes that God has for your life.