NXTwest Student Leaders


SLC is a small team of students who are committed to helping NXTwest reach nonbelievers and connect them to the family of God where they can grow in faith, serve God, and worship him with their whole life.

Student leaders serve as the core of NXTwest. They serve as a council to the Pastor and as examples to their peers. Along with monthly meetings, student leaders will take part in an individual S.H.A.P.E. Assessement to discover the ministry that God has created them for. Student Leaders are exepcted to serve in the church and theis assessment will coach them through discovering the ministry God has for them. Student leaders will receive accountability for growing in personal faith and devotion.

God has created each of us differently so each student leaders role will look different but each student leader will be held to the same high standards of worshiping God, connecting with others, serving in ministry, growing in faith, and reaching others for Christ.

Student leaders are required to:

• Participate in monthly SLC meetings

• Take the S.H.A.P.E. assessment

• Serve regularly in a ministry of Calvary Church

• Regularly attend a small group

• Grow in their daily and weekly spiritual habits


Become a student leader today. Download and submit the application to Peter Heald along with a commitment form signed by both you and your parents.