The Creative Media Ministry Student Internship is open to all High School students who are interested in learning and serving in the Creative Media Ministry of NXT. Space is highly limited for this internship so please consider the expectations and responsibilities that accompany this opportunity. Please fill out the application and we will get back to you soon. Applications are due May 25.


The Creative Media Ministry Student Internship is designed to give high school students the opportunity to serve, learn, and grow. This Internship is open to High School Students only. College students may fill out this application as consideration for leadership in the CMM Internship. 

Students who participate in this internship will each have an emphasis that they focus on according to their interests and skills. A typical week would involve meeting as a group on Tuesday. This group time will start off with a devotional prayer time followed by either teaching or work time depending on the given week. Each student will then have a dedicated time slot on either Thursday or Friday to capture media of RD weeks (this media will then be edited the following Tuesday).

The CMM Student Internship will also be helping out with NXTkids Camp. These specific weeks may require more time but this will be worked out according to the individual and their schedule.

All CMM Student Interns are required to be involved in IDT. IDT is the best way you can spend your summer so any IDT involvement will take precedent over the internship. For any questions about the CMM Student Internship, please email Becca at


Start Date: June 1st End Date: August 17th

Weekly Commitment: Tuesday 12-5p + 4 hour time slot either Thursday or Friday (determined based on your emphasis)

All Student Interns must also be enrolled in IDT

Different Responsibilities: NXTkids Camp, RD week media coverage, Delta Chi media coverage, Rush Week media coverage, Anniversary Festival set up help.

Interview to follow after submission

Acceptance will be announced by June 26th.

Creative Media Ministry Student Internship Application

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In what ways do you think you can best contribute to NXT?
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